Experimenting with silicone rubber

Plaster casting step 3

With my plaster casts I created silicone rubber impressions.


What you will need:



Rubber mixing bowl

Plastic spatula

Rubber gloves

Work bench


Here is what I did:

  • The amount of silicone you will need depends on the depth of your plaster casts.
  • Mix four heaped table spoons of silicone with one cap full of catalyst.
  • Mix well until the  viscosity of the mixture changes and becomes stiffer when stirring.
  • From arms height, drizzle the liquid into the centre of the plaster cast.
  • When you have dropped all of the mixture into the cast, give it a vigorous shake/tap to disperse the air bubbles.
  • Leave to set for a couple of days.
  • When the silicone is set you can peel it away from the plaster mould.


The plaster casts can be used indefinitely to create as many impressions as you like.

Happy experimenting!


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