Printmaking has been an integral part of my practice for several years. At the heart of this lies my love for textural matter, which is depicted within my work.

The early stages of my work begin with my collection of natural and manmade materials. These material collections exist in their raw form and within photographic representations.

Often I will work with the materials, manipulating their form to create new forms and textures. These collected and created textures then become the surface of my collagraph plaques, from which my prints manifest.

In recent years, I have began to incorporate a range of interdisciplinary processes and media into my work, aiming to push the boundaries of my practice and challenge preconceptions of art and printmaking.

Currently I am exploring the mergence and intersections of printmaking, sculpture, photography and drawing with textural matter. The implications of the interdisciplinary nature of my practice have began to pose questions around the theme of ‘hybrid’ art, something I intend to further investigate.


MA Fine Art – York St John University

BA Hons Contemporary Fine Art – York St John University 

Foundation Art and Design Diploma – Bradford College