Create 16

My practice revolves around modes of traditional, contemporary and experimental printmaking.

I am interested in handling materials which can be used to explore the intersections and mergence of printmaking with other disciplines, such as sculpture. This has lead to some of my work overlapping into hybrid territory.

The work displayed in this exhibition derived from research into new materialities within my practice. By interacting with the Expanding Foam, I explored the possibilities of form and mark-making on various surfaces (repositories).

The forms and marks within the work developed through a collaboration between myself and the expanding foam. In a struggle between both of our wills, I endeavoured to control the marks made by the foam, against it’s determination to swell and evolve. The evidence of our conflict resides within the bulges and indents in the foam, held by the repository.

My collaboration with the material and it’s intriguing behaviour are depicted within the video below.