Working with clay

Today I will be experimenting with plaster casting, but first I needed to create something to cast from.

Clay is most suitable to use in these circumstances as it will stay moist enough to peel away from the plaster once it has set, revealing the textural surface of the clay.

First of all I rolled out a flat slab of clay and cut square shaped tiles from it.

To make my textural surfaces, I used a range of tools and found objects to cut, carve and impress into the clay tiles.


A sheet of MDF is recommended to work on with clay as it does not stick.


To view the following step in this process please see my next post on Plaster casting.

Happy experimenting!

Studio Practice


Studio workHello!

This page is where I will be posting regular up-dates based around my studio practice and any events that I am partaking in.

Where possible, I will include instructions around certain disciplines and processes for those of you who may be interested in creating similar pieces of your own.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you and stay tuned for more info!