Experimenting with melting and bending perspex



Carrying on with my material experiments, today I am melting and bending my perspex etchings to give them a sculptural form.

To shape the melted perspex I have bent steel sheets into a range of different curved formations. These metal shapes will act as a template for the perspex to mould to when it is hot.

I am pleased with the results of these experiments and am hopping to create similar work on a larger scale for my degree show.



Plaster casting part two

If you wish to keep the clay impressions then carefully peel them away from the plaster. The clay can be fired afterwards.

When the clay has been peeled away, you will be left with a solid impression from your clay surface.

I will be using my plaster casts to create silicone rubber impressions. To see the final step in this three part process, please view my next post on Experimenting with silicone rubber.